NOLS Wilderness First Responder Recertification

NOLS Wilderness First Responder Recertification

Posted on: December 5th, 2022 by lena

Are your wilderness medicine protocols on the tip of your tongue or in the bottom of your pack? Join the leader in wilderness medicine for a three-day scenario-based course to review and practice evacuation and decision making guidelines. Our dynamic, experienced instructors will refresh you on the current techniques, protocols and controversies in the wilderness medicine field.

The 3-day WFR Recertification course includes Adult/Child/Infant CPR & AED. This course is ideal for current Wilderness First Responders and Wildereness EMTs. The WFR Recertification course is pre-approved for 18 hours of EMT CEU’s by CECBEMS.

WHO CAN RECERTIFY?  If you hold a current Wilderness First Responder certification of at least 70 hours, you can use this WFR-Refresher in order to recertify. If you have a Wilderness Advanced First Aid certification you can also refresh on the WFR-R course.

After the  course you will receive a NOLS Wilderness Medicine WFR certification upon successful completion of your WFR Recert course. There is both a written and practical test that you have to pass. If you are a WAFA you will receive a WAFA card.

Students  holding a current WFR certification from any other organization than NOLS Wilderness Medicine are REQUIRED to submit a photocopy of their certification card on the first day of the course.

If you hold a current WFR certification from any other wilderness medicine organization with less than a 70 hour certification, you will receive a letter of course completion in lieu of a NOLS Wilderness Medicine WFR certification. This letter of completion may allow you to recertify with your original certifying organization. You must contact that organization prior to your NOLS Wilderness Medicine course to ensure that our course will meet their requirements for recertification.

It is your responsibility to make sure your certification meets this standard. If you are unsure, please contact NOLS Wilderness Medicine before enrolling in a course and review the recertification portion of our website: NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifications will be afforded a one-year period after expiration within which to recertify. This course will also recertify those who hold a valid WEMT (wilderness portion only) or WAFA certification.

Please email us for the detailed course description. This course is taught in English with participants from all over the world.

Link to detailed Course Description:


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