Xuan Ming, Ng

Xuan Ming, Ng

Posted on: January 6th, 2020 by lena

Ming was born and raised in Singapore but has traveled most her life. She now lives in Oslo, Norway. Ming has been working in the Olympic Movement for the past 10 years which has offered her exciting experiences in an international environment that is fast paced and demanding.

Ming’s wilderness medicine experiences began with wilderness adventures with friends and colleagues. She has had the joy of being the ‘group medic’ because of her WFR and later, her WEMT certifications. She have had to apply wilderness medicine skills in the backcountry mostly when she has been on personal expeditions and run into other hikers in distress. Lately Ming has also volunteered and helped injured kids in Africa.

Ming has signed up with the Norwegian Red Cross and hope to work on SAR missions with them. She is also gaining experience by riding along on ambulances in the USA.

Ming writes: “In life as well as in work, I enjoy being curious and being amazed. On personal expeditions, I enjoy getting eye level with lichen, moss and fern, or watching how the light transforms trees with new leaves into flickering torches against the dark rock. This curiosity and wonder are why I have a voracious appetite for learning and experiencing. The delight it brings me is why I am so excited about sharing. It is easy to be grateful in a world so rich and mysterious, especially knowing that life is transient. “

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