Fred Södergran

Fred Södergran

Posted on: January 6th, 2020 by lena

Fred grew up in the westernmost point of Finland, in the archipelago region by the Gulf of Bothnia. This versatile, four seasons region shaped his appreciation for the natural world and this is where the foundation was laid for my wilderness skills.

“We used firewood to heat our homes and whether it was taking down trees, or chopping wood – spending time outdoors was always a been a big part of my life. Interacting with the natural world is the most rewarding endeavor I have taken on.”

Fred has been working full time as a Outdoor Educator and NOLS Instructor for several years. To teach for NOLS Wilderness Medicine was definitely a step in the right direction.

According to Fred a rewarding and meaningful aspect of the work is the community building, meeting great people, new colleges and empower students. I also enjoy the depth and never ending opportunities to develop my own skills, hone strengths and learn more.

For a full year Fred worked as leader/caretaker at a summer camp for disabled young people. He opted out of mandatory military service and instead chose to do public work.

Currently I am studying Psychology of Crisis at the University of Åbo in Finland. I am studying Psychological Intervention, defusing and debriefing of Rescue-workers and victims, preventing PTSD and dealing with the psychological aspects of severe trauma.


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