Tim Conlan, Co-Owner and Co-Founder

Tim Conlan, Co-Owner and Co-Founder

Posted on: March 4th, 2012 by maryas

Tim is from the U.S. He has lived near the Rocky Mountains for most of his life. Tim and Lena met in 1986 while teaching sea kayaking expeditions in Baja California, Mexico for NOLS. Tim worked for NOLS as an outdoor educator since the late 70’s. During that time he’d taught just about every skill type NOLS offered, from caving and climbing to kayaking and skiing. Tim developed the NOLS Sea Kayaking Instructor course and authored their instructor manual.

Tim also helped to create materials and teaching practices for the Federally sponsored conservation program “Leave No Trace”.

After guiding for most of his life Tim is now happy by spending more time in Bozeman, Montana, USA. He loves skiing and biking in the mountains. Bridger Bowl Ski Area is his “second home”. He is also creative in his wood shop. Visit his web site: http://timconlanwoodworks.com

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