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March 25, 2020:

Many of you have contacted us and we do understand that you are concerned about your upcoming NOLS Wilderness Medicine course and your certification in these times of COVID-19, travel restrictions etc. The health of you and our instructors is what is most important.

If you have questions please email us or visit the NOLS website: https://www.nols.edu/en/about/resources/travel-notices/

NOLS Wilderness Medicine have suspended both Field Expeditions and Classroom courses all over the world until May 11th. This means that Crossing Latitudes have now cancelled 11 courses in Italy, USA, Sweden, Norway and Finland … I am communication with about 275 participants, writing refund checks, transfer folks to future courses, paying for unused lodging and meals etc. …Not fun … But we are looking to add new course dates in late August, September and October. We will ride out this storm!

If Crossing Latitudes or NOLS cancels there will be a full refund. If we cancel the course you can choose to receive the 100% refund or transfer to another Crossing Latitudes hosted course in the future.

If you are concerned about your WFA, WAFA or WFR status – this is what NOLS will do for you. Info first in English and then in Swedish.

Certification Extension:

English: NOLS Wilderness Medicine offers a two year certification with a one year re-entry period. We have taken the following measure to support students who may be affected by our temporary suspension of courses.

If your certification expires between 9/13/2019 and 3/12/2022, there is no change in your certification period or re-entry year.

If your certification expired/expires between 3/13/2019 and 9/12/2020 we are automatically adding 6 months to your certification length. Your twelve month re-entry period begins at the end of your new expiration date.

This applies to all NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifications including wilderness medicine, CPR, and epinephrine auto-injector. If your certification was issued by another training provider, please contact them directly. It is our understanding that other programs are considering a similar plan.

We are beginning work on a process to make these changes in our data system and to reissue new certification cards.  This will take some time and we ask for your patience while we work with our database programmers to institute this change. Thanks!

Swedish: NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifikat är i kraft två år. När din certifiering går ut har du 12 månader på dig att förnya din certifiering.  NOLS kallar detta på engelska “re-entry year”, vi kallar det “återcertifieringsperiod”. Under “återcertifieringsperioden” kan du inte kalla dig WFA, WAFA eller WFR men du kan återcertifiera och få tillbaka din status. NOLS Wilderness Medicine har gjort nedanstående ändringar för att stödja de vars certifiering påverkats av vårt beslut att tills vidare ställa in kurser pga av COVID-19 (den 12:e mars).

Om utgångsdatumet på din certifiering är mellan den 13:e september, 2019 och den 12:e mars, 2022, så ändras ingenting. Du har en 12 månaders “återcertifieringsperiod” efter utgångsdatumet på ditt kort för att återcertifiera din WFA, WAFA eller WFR certifiering.

Om ditt certifikat går ut mellan den 13:e mars, 2019 och den 12:e september, 2020 så läggs automatiskt 6 månader till på din certifiering. Din “återcertifieringsperiod” börjar från och med ditt nya 6 månaders förlängda utgångsdatum. 

Ovanstående gäller för alla NOLS Wilderness Medicine certifieringar såsom WFA, WAFA, WFR, HLR och adrenalininjektion med autoinjektor. Om din certifiering var utställd av en annan organisation än NOLS Wilderness Medicine, så bör du kontakta dem direkt. Många organisationer kommer troligtvis att erbjuda en liknande 6 månaders förlängning.

NOLS Wilderness Medicine har börjat processen med att ändra datum på certifieringar i vårt datasystem och maila ut nya certifieringskort till deltagare runt om i världen. Detta kommer att ta tid och vi ber dig ha tålamod med oss och våra programmerare. Tack!

Best Regards,
Lena & Crossing Latitudes info@crossinglatitudes.com

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The World Health Organization

The U.S. State Department Travel Information

OLD NEWS … but oh so fun!

In 2019 Crossing Latitudes sponsored / hosted 32 NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses in Europe and Nepal (compared to 22 courses in 2018). We had over 500 participants and of those about 325 folks were taught in Swedish, 185 in English and 10 folks were taught in Finnish. We also hosted 3 courses in Montana, USA. I have a feeling we will have even more courses in 2020!

To teach wilderness medicine continues to be our main mission and we are having lots of fun with it. We are adding courses is new locations. Both Hungary and Slovenia were hits in 2019.

With this increase of participants and course locations we are glad to welcome Malin Thomasson back to teach with us again. We also welcoming new staff – Fred Södergran and Xuan Ming, Ng – to our team of NOLS Wilderness Medicine staff in Scandinavia.

In 2020 our team will be: Lena Conlan, Elias Sjöberg, Roope Roine, Malin Thomasson, Fred Södergran, Xuan Ming, Ng and Eva Söderström – all trained by NOLS Wilderness Medicine in USA.

NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses in Europe are more then learning first aid … We have participants from all over the world making it a unique experience. We have folks from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, China, Hungary, Czeck Republic, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Russia, Nepal, Slovenia … Call or email us if you are interested in a NOLS Wilderness Medicine course or a CPR course.

Read more about all our NOLS Wilderness Medicine First Aid and Responder courses on these two links: http://crossinglatitudes.com/wmi-courses  (in English) and on this link in Swedish: http://crossinglatitudes.com/forsta-hjalpenkurser

For NOLS Wilderness Medicine First Aid courses in Bozeman, USA, Sweden or all over the world please visit NOLS Wilderness Medicine course schedule.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: If you are keen on an adventure in the future … We have lots of friends in the great Outdoor Industry and would love to pass you along. Northern Lights in Tromsø, Norway – Sea Kayaking in Croatia – Skiing in Sarek National Park, Sweden – Dog sledding in the far north of Sweden – Treks in undisturbed forest and simple living in Dalarna, Sweden – Climbing Kilimanjaro – Penguin research in Antarctica … contact us – we have friends all over the wild world!

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That’s it! Live well & wash your hands!



Events 2020 …

We hope to see you at an Outdoor Expo in 2020! New schedule will come soon!

NOLS WILDERNESS MEDICINE! We continue to offer international NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses all over the world. In 2020 we will offer courses in USA, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia and maybe Hungary again!

Courses are taught both in Swedish, Finnish and in English.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES  2020: If you are keen on an adventure in the future … contact Roope Roine – our NOLS Wilderness Medicine staff member who offers trips and expeditions all over the world thru his company MOLN

Crossing Latitudes does not offer scheduled Trips and Expeditions in Sweden any more but please contact us and we will be glad to help you connect with other Outdoor companies we trust in Scandinavia.

The Royal Kingdom of Sweden
Sweden is known for Volvo, Saab, Absolute Vodka, Ingmar Bergman and the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. We are proud of all this, but more so we treasure our incredible forests, our vast archipelagos and our pristine glaciated mountains. Clean air, beautiful historic cities, friendly people and strong traditions are a few things people link with Sweden.

Crossing Latitudes used to offer sea kayaking Inn Trips along the west coast of Sweden in the Bohuslän (Bo-hoos-lan) Archipelago. This coastline contains thousands of islands and skerries with a myriad of pelagic birds, seals and picturesque fishing villages – making it a sea kayaking paradise! Let us help you connect with friends who can take you on a camping expedition where a new island becomes your home each night or an Inn Trip where you stay at a Guesthouse and just do day trips.

In the far north, above the Arctic Circle you can enjoy Mountain Treks with reindeer. In the region known as Lappland, live the traditional reindeer herding people known as the Saami. Together with the Saami and their reindeer (used as pack animals) you can hike and experience the Saami lifestyle in this unspoiled wilderness.

In the winter you can join the Saami during the Reindeer migration. If reindeer isn’t your thing … but you are a skier then join a hut-to-hut trip in the High Country of Sweden. We have lots of friends offering Reindeer treks, Dog sledding adventures or winter Ski expeditions. Please contact us for more information at info@crossinglatitudes.com

Crossing Latitudes does not offer any trips and expeditions in Norway any more  but … 

If you are interested in a trip in Norway please contact MOLN in Finland. Moln is owned and operated by Roope Roine – our NOLS Wilderness Medicine staff member. Great trips all over the world!

Norway – Land of Vikings and Trolls
Norway is home to Trolls and Vikings, cross country skiers, great composers and artists. Norway is also the home of such successful explorers as Nansen, Amundsen and Heyerdahl. Their exploratory feats offer inspiration as we paddle the fjords and coastal islands of the Norwegian Sea.

Most of the Camping Expeditions and Inn Trips Crossing Latitudes have offered in the past take place more than a hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. The Lofoten Islands, the Salten Coast and the Vesterålen Islands are all characterized by steep and rugged mountains, deep fjords, great fishing and white sandy beaches. These sparsely populated areas are also home to some of Norway’s largest pelagic bird colonies.

Our Lofoten Multi Adventure Trip has always been a favorite. This area is for people of all ages who want to enjoy a variety of cultural and outdoor activities such as bird watching, day hiking, sea kayaking day trips, fishing and visiting local museums and historic sites. June 22-29 we will travel by kayak, by foot or by boat. We will stay in comfortable guesthouses or rorbus (traditional fishermen cabins) and enjoy the cuisine at local restaurants. If you can not join our trip then please email us and we will be glad to recommend other friends in the outdoor industry.

In central Norway lies the Jotunheimen National Park. Jotunheimen, which means the “Home of the Giants”, contains some of the highest peaks in Europe north of the Alps. Hoist your day pack and join us day trekking through the most spectacular mountain range in Scandinavia!

A popular Multi-Adventure Trip is the “Norway in a Nutshell” Trip where one might start and end in Oslo. In between you get to hike in the Jotunheimen National Park and Sea Kayak on the Sognefjord – the longest and deepest fjord in Europe!

Crossing Latitudes doesn’t offer scheduled Trips and Expeditions any more but please contact us and we will be glad to help you connect with other Outdoor companies we trust.

Sweden, Norway, Greece, Greenland, Kilimanjaro and Beyond …
Crossing Latitudes has offered Sea Kayaking Trips in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Mexico, Honduras, Alaska, Greenland, Greece and Croatia. Our days of leading trips are over but we can connect you with friends in the Outdoor industry who we trust can create a fun and safe trip.

If you are interested in an outdoor adventure please contact MOLN in Finland. Moln is owned and operated by Roope Roine – our NOLS Wilderness Medicine staff member. Roope offers great trips all over the world!

Don’t hesitate to email us and ask about places to go!