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In 2018 Crossing Latitudes sponsored / hosted 22 NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses in Europe. We had 369 participants and of those 204 folks were taught in Swedish, 157 in English and 8 folks were taught in Finnish. We also hosted 3 courses in Montana, USA. 2019 looks like it will get even bigger – we are up to 33 courses!

To teach wilderness medicine continues to be our main mission and we are having lots of fun with it. We are adding new courses like a WFA course in Scotland, a WAFA course in Hungary and a WFR in Slovenia.

NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses in Europe are more then learning first aid … We have participants from all over the world making it a unique experience. We have folks from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, China, Hungary, Czeck Republic, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Russia, Nepal … Call or email us if you are interested in a NOLS Wilderness Medicine course or a CPR course.

Our next Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course will be in Kobarid, Slovenia September 28 to October 8th, 2019. Then we return to Kandersteg, Switzerland October 14-24, 2019. These courses have participants from all over the world. Join us!

Read more about all our NOLS Wilderness Medicine First Aid and Responder courses on these two links: http://crossinglatitudes.com/wmi-courses  (in English) and on this link in Swedish: http://crossinglatitudes.com/forsta-hjalpenkurser

For NOLS Wilderness Medicine First Aid courses in Bozeman, USA, Sweden or all over the world please visit NOLS Wilderness Medicine course schedule.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: If you are keen on an adventure in the future … We have lots of friends in the great Outdoor Industry and would love to pass you along. Northern Lights in Tromsø, Norway – Sea Kayaking in Croatia – Skiing in Sarek National Park, Sweden – Dog sledding in the far north of Sweden – Treks in undisturbed forest and simple living in Dalarna, Sweden – Climbing Kilimanjaro – Penguin research in Antarctica … contact us – we have friends all over the wild world!

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Events 2019 …

We hope to see you at an Outdoor Expo in 2019! The next one is Hunnebergsmässan September 21-22 outside Vänersborg.

NOLS WILDERNESS MEDICINE! We continue to offer international NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses all over the world. In 2019 we will offer courses in USA, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, UK, Hungary – maybe in Slovenia and hopefully in Nepal again!

Courses are taught both in Swedish, Finnish and in English.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURES  2019: If you are keen on an adventure in the future … contact Roope Roine – our NOLS Wilderness Medicine staff member who offers trips and expeditions all over the world thru his company MOLN

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Alpengirl – summer adventure camps for teenage girls. For information about Alpengirl Summer camps in Washington, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming – please contact Alissa Farley at Alpengirl Girls Camp .

Every once in a while Alpengirl Girls Camp and Crossing Latitudes offer a shared adventure for Teenage girls in Sweden or Norway. At this point we do not have anything like this planned but if you are looking for an adventure please contact Alpengirl or Crossing Latitudes.

“Hugging the Coast” Sea Kayaking Expedition i Indonesien: I augusti 2012 färdades Lena tillsammans med fem tjejer 175 sjömil i Sualwesi, norra Indonesien. Färden gick med både båt och havs-kajaker. Målet med vår internationella expedition “Hugging the Coast” var att fortsätta tidigare påbörjad forskning på sjögräs-odling i området. Under fem veckor paddlade vi i varma vatten men med hårda vindar.Vi pratade med 100-tals kvinnor vars jobb är att odla sjögräs för export. Vi lekte med tusentals barn, bodde i byar byggda på styltor och campade på öde stränder. Vi upplevde tre jordbävningar och en tsunami varning. Vi lärde oss oerhört mycket och om oss själva. Trots dagar då jag skulle vilja vända ryggen till och bara åka hem hade jag en fantastisk upplevelse!

HUGGING THE COAST – An exploration by sea kayak of liminal living in the Sangihe Archipelago’, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. August 2012.

Fantastic expedition and we continue to blogg, give slide shows and presentations. Johanna and Duka gave a presentation at the Royal Geographical Society in London, England for over 800 people!

We paddled, we interviewed women and men, we played with hundreds of kids, we traveled on TROPICA, we survived earthquakes and a tsunami warnings. We cried, we screamed, we loved, we laughed – at each other, with each other! We learned so much about the people living along this wonderful coast, about ourselves and each other. It was a great experience. No matter what happened – I loved every day!

This was an All Women’s Sea Kayaking Expedition in Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Lena Conlan – Crossing Latitudes – together with Jacqline and Arny from Indonesia, Vonna from Tasmania, and Johanna and Duika from England – paddled and traveled on-board a Dive boat approximately 175 nautical miles from Manado to Sangihe in the Celebes Sea.

Our expedition was called “Hugging the coast” but we had some mighty long crossings in uncharted waters. Because of really strong winds (20 know and more) and strong ocean currents we were not able to paddle most of our miles. Still we paddled quite a bit. The dive boat Tropica from Tasik Ria Dive Resort dropped us off and we circumnavigated many islands and paddled to many villages.

Because we paddled less than we had hoped we got to visit many more villages instead. Duika and Johanna who were in charge of the research project were very pleased with the many contacts made.

The expedition was a real adventure and I used every piece of knowledge that I have in order to bring us all forward safely. On a few occasions we paddled in extreme conditions with increasing winds, 2 meter waves, strong currents at the many points, and big rough water landings and launches.Because of big rebound along a steep coast line we often found ourselves paddling far off shore – longing to hug it but not safe.

As expected the communication between our international team members became one of the larger challenges. Several times we sat down and “hashed out” what was on our minds and how we could carry on together. Personal growth is always part of extended expeditions! This trip was no exception.

In addition to undertaking the kayaking challenge, our group observed, documented and engaged with life in the archipelago’s ‘liminal zones. These areas are rapidly changing. It is a sensitive marine coast in which, on which and from which people – especially women – eke a living. Sea weed farming seems to be on the decline because of warmer water temperatures, increased number of sea weed eating fish species and dependence on other sources of income.

At present, most Indonesian farmed seaweed ends up as an invisible ingredient in Western processed food and health products. Seaweed is also an increasingly important ‘climate smart’ agricultural product across the Coral Triangle – the ‘Amazon of the Seas’.

From a local point of view, seaweed farming is a rare example of a commercial marine agriculture activity that entire families and villages can be involved in. For many communities it is their most important source of income, next to fishing.

Despite living at the heart of this global ‘hotspot’ of marine biodiversity and resource wealth, the Hugging the Coast team found that the archipelago’s communities are in a state of flux.

Standards of living are declining in many locations. The effects of patchy marine resources management is becoming more apparent, along with the impacts of climate change.

Nevertheless, many communities are working towards new, sustainable futures for themselves. Futures in which they can remain on the island, in the village, with its people. Seaweed farming is just one of many strategies the islanders are deploying to that end.

This was truly a unique Expedition in many ways. Six women from different places in the world. None of us made any money on the expedition. We have received funding from some Universities and the prestigious Nelville Shulman grant through the Royal Geographical Society in England to help cover our costs.

Several outstanding organizations and companies supported our expedition. Without the best gear we could not have done this trip safely. Many Thanks to our supporters! Terima kasih!

Tasik Ria Dive Resort Without their generous support we could not have done this expedition. The Tropica Support boat was our safe haven! If you ever want to have a unique dive experience I highly recommend Tasik Ria outside Manado in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Generous, friendly an fun staff. The resort is beautiful and food is fantastic!

Outdoor Research – Clothing and gear Designed by Nature has joined our team. Their story started in 1980, when Ron Gregg, a physicist and dedicated mountaineer, found himself in a perilous situation. His climbing partner had suffered extreme frostbite due in part to poorly designed gaiters. After the expedition was over, Ron reacted by searching for a solution to keep this situation from happening in the future. The result was a functional, insulated gaiter, the X-Gaiter™. From this original inspiration and its resultant innovation, Outdoor Research was born the following year. Our expedition enjoyed the sun hats, baseball caps and the Sun protective T-shirts from Outdoor Research.

Hyalite Equipment – an employee owned company located in the mountain town of Bozeman, Montana USA – just like Crossing Latitudes. Hyalite products offer great functional, ground-breaking and built to last, because good gear = less waste. The “Hugging the Coast Expedition” relyed on their drybags, dry packs, map cases, personal pouches. The Hyalite Dry bags were probably the most used pieces of equipment on this 5 week trip.

Kokatat: Kokatat has been manufacturing paddling gear in Arcata, California for more than 40 years. Crossing Latitudes has always used Kokatat gear – we consider Kokatat pfd’s and paddling clothing the best equipment there is! And boy’ did I wear my pfd on this trip! Yes  – I did! While paddling and on-board the Tropica Dive boat as we motored through 3-4 meter waves and 25 knot winds!

Werner Paddles: Ultimate Paddle Performance™ is Werner Paddles Mission. . . and Promise to You. And we agree! They still are the very best!

WindPaddle Sails: The WindPaddle is a self-launching, small-watercraft sail for kayaks and canoes. The WindPaddle sail design is safe, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, durable, inexpensive, and can be quickly set-up and taken down while out on the water. In the beginning of the trip the winds were way too strong for us to sail. In the end when we wanted to sail the winds died … we didn’t get to sail as much as we wanted but what little we did – WE LOVED!

Crazy CreekCrazy Creek is focused on developing new products to enhance people’s outdoor experiences. Crazy Creek’s tag line says it all: Creating Comfortable Products for the Outdoors. We’re here to serve the comfort needs of hikers, backpackers, RV’ers, stadium-goers, fishermen, soccer moms/dads, festival-goers, picnickers … and Hugging the Coast expedition members! OH YEAH! We were comfortable in our chairs!

SteriPEN : SteriPEN harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to make water safe to drink. The same technology is used by water manufacturers, as well as major cities to purify water. SteriPEN is safe and effective, eliminating over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. We used our SteriPENs every day- many times. I used the SteriPEN from day one landing in Indonesia and stayed healthy through out the entire expedition. This is not a miracle – it basic commitment to purifying all water before drinking it. SteriPEN made it easy!

Lifesystem: Lifesystems has protected adventurers and explorers against accident and disease for over 20 years. Constant research, regular product revision and scientific innovation keep us at the forefront of outdoor and travel health protection. We brought Lifesystems First Aid kits (World Traveler and Mountain Leader Pro kits) and are proud to say we didn’t have to use them that much. We also enjoyed the Lifesystems Mosquite SOLO tents and loved them. Having some privacy at night was great.

GoPro Products:  World’s Most Versatile Camera. Wear it. Mount it. Love it! Yes we did!

Baladeo – offers a range of accessories for the simple walks in your life: on foot or on bike, on horseback or roller-skates, in the city or in the countryside, in the mountains or on the beach. We will use Baladeo knives and eating utensils on our expedition.

Hilleberg – The Tentmaker is a family owned company with 40 years of experience in making tents of the highest quality. In the backcountry, the shelter must be reliable. Crossing Latitudes depends on our Hilleberg Keron tents but in Indonesia we enjoyed the Allak tents.  As the conditions changed we started to set up the tents more and more often. After the first Tropical Rain storm in the middle of the night we always pitched the Hilleberg tents!

SARInfo - Adventure, whether it’s on the water or in the woods and mountains, requires knowledge & proper equipment. SARInfo teaches Search & Rescue, consults and rents communication device. We used the Sat phone daily for receiving weather support and the SPOT sent our position every 10 minutes. Friends and family members really appreciated that they could follow our journey.

Would I go on a similar expedition again? O’YEAH! I love to explore, meet new people, grow as person and push myself. I believe our project have contributed to a better understanding of the planet: its’ cultures, people and environments.

Many, many thanks to all of you who have helped us finacially. Each dollar has really helped us.  If you have a pot of gold to share please visit: http://gogetfunding.com/project/hugging-the-coast

Read more on our web site: http://huggingthecoast.net

Visit our Facebook page for more stories and photos! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hugging-the-Coast/488745574476886

Many Thanks, Lena Conlan

Crossing Latitudes doesn’t offer scheduled Trips and Expeditions in Sweden any more but please contact us and we will be glad to help you connect with other Outdoor companies we trust in Scandinavia.

The Royal Kingdom of Sweden
Sweden is known for Volvo, Saab, Absolute Vodka, Ingmar Bergman and the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. We are proud of all this, but more so we treasure our incredible forests, our vast archipelagos and our pristine glaciated mountains. Clean air, beautiful historic cities, friendly people and strong traditions are a few things people link with Sweden.

Crossing Latitudes used to offer sea kayaking Inn Trips along the west coast of Sweden in the Bohuslän (Bo-hoos-lan) Archipelago. This coastline contains thousands of islands and skerries with a myriad of pelagic birds, seals and picturesque fishing villages – making it a sea kayaking paradise! Let us help you connect with friends who can take you on a camping expedition where a new island becomes your home each night or an Inn Trip where you stay at a Guesthouse and just do day trips.

In the far north, above the Arctic Circle you can enjoy Mountain Treks with reindeer. In the region known as Lappland, live the traditional reindeer herding people known as the Saami. Together with the Saami and their reindeer (used as pack animals) you can hike and experience the Saami lifestyle in this unspoiled wilderness.

In the winter you can join the Saami during the Reindeer migration. If reindeer isn’t your thing … but you are a skier then join a hut-to-hut trip in the High Country of Sweden. We have lots of friends offering Reindeer treks, Dog sledding adventures or winter Ski expeditions. Please contact us for more information at info@crossinglatitudes.com

Crossing Latitudes does not offer any trips and expeditions in Norway any more  but … 

If you are interested in a trip in Norway please contact MOLN in Finland. Moln is owned and operated by Roope Roine – our NOLS Wilderness Medicine staff member. Great trips all over the world!

Norway – Land of Vikings and Trolls
Norway is home to Trolls and Vikings, cross country skiers, great composers and artists. Norway is also the home of such successful explorers as Nansen, Amundsen and Heyerdahl. Their exploratory feats offer inspiration as we paddle the fjords and coastal islands of the Norwegian Sea.

Most of the Camping Expeditions and Inn Trips Crossing Latitudes have offered in the past take place more than a hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. The Lofoten Islands, the Salten Coast and the Vesterålen Islands are all characterized by steep and rugged mountains, deep fjords, great fishing and white sandy beaches. These sparsely populated areas are also home to some of Norway’s largest pelagic bird colonies.

Our Lofoten Multi Adventure Trip has always been a favorite. This area is for people of all ages who want to enjoy a variety of cultural and outdoor activities such as bird watching, day hiking, sea kayaking day trips, fishing and visiting local museums and historic sites. June 22-29 we will travel by kayak, by foot or by boat. We will stay in comfortable guesthouses or rorbus (traditional fishermen cabins) and enjoy the cuisine at local restaurants. If you can not join our trip then please email us and we will be glad to recommend other friends in the outdoor industry.

In central Norway lies the Jotunheimen National Park. Jotunheimen, which means the “Home of the Giants”, contains some of the highest peaks in Europe north of the Alps. Hoist your day pack and join us day trekking through the most spectacular mountain range in Scandinavia!

A popular Multi-Adventure Trip is the “Norway in a Nutshell” Trip where one might start and end in Oslo. In between you get to hike in the Jotunheimen National Park and Sea Kayak on the Sognefjord – the longest and deepest fjord in Europe!

Crossing Latitudes doesn’t offer scheduled Trips and Expeditions any more but please contact us and we will be glad to help you connect with other Outdoor companies we trust.

Crossing Latitudes offered these trips together with our good friends at Terra Santa Kayaking Expeditions. As we are trying to quit guiding full time we recommend that you contact Terra Santa direct if you are keen on warm water, colorful scenery, ancient history and a fascinating culture. Greece is a world class sea kayaking destination.

During a sea kayaking adventure in the Dodecanese Islands of Greece you can stay in lovely local guesthouses and enjoy local culture and food. The Dodecanese Sea Kayaking trips are for paddlers with previous experience and folks who want to work on skills. If your trip is in September or later – expect some strong wind and big waves!

Email us for more information. info@crossinglatitudes.com

Sweden, Norway, Greece and Beyond …
Crossing Latitudes has offered Sea Kayaking Trips in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Mexico, Honduras, Alaska, Greenland, Greece and Croatia. Our days of scheduling trips year around are over but we are not hard to convince to put together a private trip … or we can connect you with friends in the Outdoor industry who we trust can create a fun and safe trip.

Every once in a while we might offer a trip to one of these far and away areas – who doesn’t want to go back to Alaska and enjoy the wildlife and beauty of Prince William Sound or paddle the warm waters of Greece …

If you are interested in anoutdoor adventure please contact MOLN in Finland. Moln is owned and operated by Roope Roine – our NOLS Wilderness Medicine staff member. Roope offers great trips all over the world!

Many of the pictures above are from Northern Sulawesi in Indonesia. Lena lead an All Women’s Sea Kayaking Research trip there a few years ago. Fantastic place!

Don’t hesitate to email us and ask about places to go!